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An Outsourced Sales Team You Can Trust 

Rapidly build a fully functional sales engine that closes deals on your behalf


Helping Companies Grow Their Business 


Accelerate your company's sales ramp without the costly need to hire internally.


Our Sales Specialists have a strong foundation in selling best practices and can quickly get up to speed on your objectives to increase revenue.


No matter how complex your barriers to closing are, we adapt to your sales model to make every transaction go smoothly.

We represent you and your brand as if it were our own, acting as an extension of your company and internal teams.

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Industry/Market Research

Based on our research and the input your company provides us, we find thousands of contacts and companies that would fit your target audience and demographics. We pride ourselves on taking a mass scale prospecting approach.Our sales mentality is that the more seeds that are thrown, the more new opportunities are created. 

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Using the data that we accumulate, we begin reaching out to all the contacts/prospects via emails, phone calls, LinkedIn emails, text messages, etc. We train all our Sales Associates on our your value proposition and talk track. We can also implement digital marketing strategies to create an additional lead funnel . 


Opportunity Hand-Off

We would work on a process with your team to determine when to move the opportunity or lead to your company. Our team can also close the deals, in case you want us to handle the sales cycle all the way to completion. The most important thing is that that we get revenue through the door and the sales gets done to help the company. 

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Project Management 

You are not just hiring a single sales representative. For each project, we provide: a success manager to drive high-level strategy, a project manager to guide day-to-day operations, and one or more sales specialists nurturing and closing deals.

We provide comprehensive real-time reports and hold biweekly meetings to give context and transparency into our efforts, as well as ensure consistent improvement and results.


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