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We help you making your marketing plans a reality  

Building on your ideas and executing initiatives with you and your team

Helping Companies Generate Visibility & Interest


Email Marketing


Generate more leads and engage your buyers at any point in their decision process with email automation.


  • Multi-touch email drip campaigns to nurture prospects

  • Improve click-through rates with detailed reporting

  • Personalized to prospect behavior & buying stage

  • Create branded email templates





Attract and educate your audience with thoughtfully written and designed content.


  • Engaging content written, designed, and packaged

  • Maintain a consistent brand identity

  • Branded collateral with attractive design and layout

  • Blog content, whitepapers, and customer case studies


Social Media



Connect with your audience through the platforms they live on and drive traffic to your website.

  • Establish your brand voice on major platforms

  • Engage your audience and drive new website traffic

  • Strategically boost posts to meet goals

  • Have results with metrics for social media






We will make your website rank higher on search engines like Google to increase traffic, leads and brand awareness.


  • Improve the quality of the traffic to your website

  • Optimize your keywords for a higher ranking

  • Increase the quantity of the traffic to your website

  • Be relevant for the search engines with the right content

Full-funnel inbound marketing services

Specialized, flexible outsourced marketing

We offer 4 areas to drive your marketing efforts, based on your goals, your customers, and your selling process. Our experts help build a strong brand foundation to generate awareness and acquisition in your target audience.

We bring your marketing ideas to life

We help your marketing team execute campaigns by performing the day-to-day tasks that bring ideas to reality. Our teams are trained to create high-quality assets & manage your marketing platforms, saving you time and effort that could be used elsewhere.

Collaboration that drives growth

Your Tenrose marketing specialists will have regular meetings with you to evaluate goals

and progress. To give you total visibility of your pipeline progress and buyer’s journey, we work from your marketing platforms.

Engagement through the B2B customers journey

1. Awareness

Before you can speak to your buyers and their needs, you need an established brand and  messaging so they can know you. We help you create a brand style and voice that appeals to your ideal customers.

2. Consideration

Keep your brand top-of-mind as your prospects dig for more information to solve their pain points. We create relevant content and execute marketing campaigns that will differentiate you from your competitors.

3. Decision

Fill any leaks in your marketing funnel to ensure qualified prospects are steered toward conversion. We help you with the right personalized messaging to the right buyers at the right time.

4. Loyalty

It is cheaper to maintain a customer you gained than to try to bring a new one, or a lost one. This is why we have to pamper your clients so we gain their loyalty and preference. 

The best way to build 

your marketing team

With Tenrose, you’re not just hiring a marketing specialist. You’re getting an entire marketing department at a fraction of the cost and effort of hiring internally.

For each project, we provide: a Success Manager to drive high-level strategy, a Project Manager to oversee day-to-day operations, and one or more Specialists working diligently to amplify your brand.


Yes, I want to maximize my marketing efforts.

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